improve the overall appearance of the lamp

Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer uses a maximum power supply of the bulb to produce such objects, but there are also companies use the minimum power of the lamp is re similar results. The use of a standard in the street lamp has a reflector, located on the back of the incandescent bulbs. This setting affects the phosphorescence of the light of the lamp and generate unnecessary pollution. Compared to standard lighting, LED street lighting, the most important advantage is the normal small amount of energy it needs. Mercury bulbs need 35 (LM) work, and the LED requires 100 (LM). They are also friendly to the environment because they do not produce any emissions, because of its compact state. You can also last for thousands of hours. This type of lighting is also hazardous to motorists. Their sturdy to prevent any lack of glow, which gives the LED changes in the rectangular shape of the panel on the lens. . It will not divert vehicles on the road, even in the middle of the night a person. This setup is friendly and cost, and improve the overall appearance of the lamp. Lamp for road, this change is a good model. This means that the impact resistance of the bulb package internal panel. The cluster can also be connected to the receiver, for adjusting the temperature by the warmth of the object agricultural. Power consumption